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Friday, May 26

Natsu Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 11: ONOSHO (7-4)

Onosho the 
young buck making his debut 
in makuuchi 

his basho started strong, but 
then the pressure got at him 

born on the fourth of 
July, only 21, 
he has tightened up 

sure his bouts come earlier 
in day’s opening session 

one must remember 
he’s only just now made his 
top level debut 

on makuuchi’s other 
end from Kisenosato 

Onosho quickly 
shot up bottom six rungs of 
sumo pyramid 

after eliminating 
Ishiura - seven wins 

Onosho now poised 
for his first kachi-koshi 
in makuuchi 

congratulations, young stud - 
may your career last decades 

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