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Monday, November 5

SONG OF THE DAY: Nar Djenetbouba

Tinariwen music makes me want to walk the earth. I have a step counting app on my robot phone now, which is really dumb because my best walks are done when I have left my phone at home. My bestest best walks are when I have left my phone at home and the battery is dead on it already. My ever bestest best walks are when I have left my phone at home because the battery is dead and the power grid has failed and no one’s sure when it’s coming back. And then I walk. Tinariwen makes great music for such walks, walking the earth like that, in fact I’d say their sound is innate to the nomadic spirit of people who seek. I am a seeker. Work is frustrating because work is not it. My creative life is great because it is scratching at it, but I don’t get to scratch nearly as much as my heart wants to, nor nearly enough to express all the creative itches the universe shoots into my heart on a constant basis. But Tinariwen is great for walking from here to the third horizon while thinking about who would be on your post-societal collapse team of 144, and plotting out where you’re gonna stash the caches of milk crates, machetes, pallets, and tarps. I’ve been contemplating pretty heavily the past few days a Wild Thing Philosophy, which leans heavily upon milk crates, machetes, pallets, and tarps. In fact, a key tenet of Wild Thing Philosophy, at least in the physical realm, is that principle of MCMPaT (milk crates, machetes, pallets, and tarps). But ultimately, as is the way of seekers, the metaphysical realm is like a million physical realms, all layered on top of each other, into a giant wash of truth. Tinariwen is great for thinking about that shit.

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