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Friday, November 23

SONG OF THE DAY: Dostoyevsky

No black Friday just black thought. Being broke on THE BIGGEST MANUFACTURED SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEAR is some weird late capitalism emotional fail triggering shit. Luckily it’s just the first of a big week of rollout of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday and who knows what the fuck else because my shitty email account inbox is blowing up with MIND-BLOWING OFFERS that mean nothing to me. Fuck this system, a dying empire squeezing blood from stones. I know some people are actually comfortable (or else all this would not be happening) and I am simultaneously torn between wanting to somehow gain artistic support from these people while also actively wishing for collapse of this empire. I’d say I’m in a vulnerable frame of consciousness thus more nihilist than not and embrace the end of the empire fully. Fuck it.
That being said, make art, don’t buy shit. Write rhymes, freestyle, draw on the walls, create fucked up social media “stories” that somehow weave fragmented meaning from this fractured existence, no longer connected to anything solid. It’s okay. Shit will firm up again.

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