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Thursday, November 15

SONG OF THE DAY: Feet Start Walking

Walking away from some shit often times is just as satisfying as walking towards something. I mean, we like to apply this deluded notion of individual and collective progress, that man somehow either spiritually or scientifically has an unrealized destination as supreme being doing supreme shit, but lolol c’mon that ain’t true. I mean we can try to be better, that’s a good and noble practice, but there’s nothing scientific or religiously destined about our trajectory as a species. So you don’t always have to be moving towards something necessarily. A lot of times, shit is fucked up, and ugly, and stupid, and stifling, and life feels a little too much like death, a lot too much like you can’t breathe fully, and it makes good and perfect sense to be like “fuck this shit” and walk away from it. You don’t have to give an explanation or notice either. Fuck it. Life’s not a movie – you don’t have to make up with everybody, or tie up all the loose ends, or treat your parents with respect if they never did that to you, or be cool with friends who displayed hypocritical flaws. Walk the fuck away. Sometimes being a better person means leaving behind the metaphysical albatrosses.

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