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Thursday, November 1

SONG OF THE DAY: Tennessee Jed

Fuck it, I listen to the Grateful Dead still sometimes. Specifically this song triggers loving memories of barely remembered times. Shit, I sing in my head “honey come quick with the iodine” like once a month, and I imagine the iodine is actually an overthrow of our two-party kleptocracy, which is run like a good cop/bad cop, where the bad cop is currently just fucking shit up left and right, and the good cop turns to me and says, “See? The only way you’re going to get him to stop fucking shit up is to start talking to me.” Fuck I hate cops. BUT DON'T FORGET TO PICK YOUR FAVORITE COP NEXT WEEK! VOTE FOR ALL THE GOOD COPS! Some of them are even brown, and they do cool lip sync challenges on their social media accounts.

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