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Wednesday, November 28

SONG OF THE DAY: Winston Reds

The hipster alternative strange east european sort of set of Big Lots versions of famous rappers that started getting created a few years back seems to have sort of petered out. We got our budget Ghostface (in Action Bronson), and our budget Nas (in Your Ol Droog). And while Action Bronson’s latest shit sounds tired and doing the same move he did a while back but to less excitement, much like a washed up WWF wrestler appearing at the county fair, I still enjoy an Your Ol Droog track from time to time. I don’t even mind Action Bronson, because he’s more of a weird fat guy who does cooking shows now, who unfortunately still releases rap music. Your Ol Droog has no other life that I know of, and even though he didn’t turn out to be Nas, I enjoy the fuck out of his flow. (Bonus love for this song because when my pop had hit his hardest drinking times, living with a new family he didn’t seem too settled with, all this Christmas presents for his kids came from shit he got with Winston miles or bucks or whatever the fuck they call it, and I had bright red long johns. I tore the Winston patch off though, not so much because I didn’t feel like being a billboard but because that shit was scratchy as fuck on my chest. Whoda thunk shitty cigarette company long johns would be so shoddy?)


Anonymous said...

I remember the Christmas of Marlboro bucks presents.
How are we not related?

Raven Mack said...

the spirit of Sovthern Gothic Fvtvrism is that we're all cousins
so we are related

Anonymous said...