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Thursday, November 8


The shadows of good and bad, what’s acceptable and not, margins and mainstreams. I struggle with the concept of marginalization a lot of the times, because a lot of what is considered mainstream (white male) privilege is me, and yet there’s a certain level of marginalization I still feel (outsider, looking in). And at the same time, I honestly feel like the margins might be preferable in some instances, because not being marginalized means assimilation and acceptance, and this assumes the system itself is good and just, which of course it’s not. My twit homie the psychotic philosopher T-2 billions often throws the meme-itation “always choose marginalization” (which oddly enough I think I made a meme of at some point that he throws back at me, showing that working circles of philosophy are spirals, which can go upward or downward). Margins are only margins when the mainstream is still the dominant force. In those shadows though, autonomous zones can be created, which I guess also goes back to how my boy Boogie Brown and me always talked about the Shadow Dwellers, living at the edges where nobody is looking too hard.
It is obvious we live in a fucked up sliding-towards-fascist state, perhaps already there and no slide left other than deeper into the abyss. But they don’t have the ability to watch everything, at every angle. Even if they build their walls around everything, the walls get neglected, and cracks appear. I mean that’s the whole justification of this racist, fear-mongering about the border – that it’s neglected and people sneak through. That has always been the case, and always will, no matter what anyone believes or says. The enforcement of imaginary arbitrary lines that were grown on a master-planned map, which aren’t seen in the real world, until built and maintained, by the mainstream. But cracks appear, then gaps, then the whole sections of that wall. Margins become alternate streams, and sneakily acquire autonomy. A true open society would of course accept everybody, but also fuck acceptance from a fake ass meritocracy mythological bullshit society.

The context of this rant relating to this song is the sample at the end, about living in the shadow of the White House, in DC, in what would feel like an entirely different world. That has always been the case in DC. Inequality, oppression, and the fucked up state of affairs in this county is nothing new under Trump. The elder Bush infamously held up crack he said was gotten across the street from the White House, and this was supposed to shock everybody. The fact crack decimated DC before and after that time, and the only help those communities got was the prison industrial system driving deeper dysfunctional wedges into an already traumatized family structure, didn’t matter to the mainstream. It still doesn’t. No blue wave is going to wash that mainstream into a better direction. Always choose marginalization. Fuck the bullshit.

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