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Monday, November 19

SONG OF THE DAY: Night of the Living Baseheads

addiction as function from abuse or trauma, was reading an article claiming science talking about that
but then think of inter-generational trauma and addiction as numbing coping mechanism
but then think about where addiction happens environmentally & how it’s cultured by
our larger poison culture, but then also think about whether these things are chance or not
whether the presentation of crack and heroin and opioids and crystal meth is chance (it is not)
and whether our addiction issues in America are a lack of addressing the traumas
or a perpetuation of traumas continuing to be applied to minority/socioeconomic marginalized
to keep them in the margins, by design, all along

how much late 80s/early 90s hip hop warned us of all these things everybody all of a sudden
feels so fucking proudly woke about in the past four or five years?
how much was that explosion of voice for the voiceless just an unstoppable force because of
previous suppression, and how much was that voice then filtered through
shiny suits and corporate charlatans like puffy and suge, so that the voice of the voiceless
was turned into revenue streams?

fuck America, fuck ppl who think wealthy ppl like jay z or jeff bezos or puffy or are somehow
benevolent and revolutionary. can’t wait for this trauma machine this poison culture factory
to finally burn the fuck down

this is a poem, on the internet, so not a real poem
a data poem, spiked with vitriol for 0s and 1s
rotting you from the inside
you fuckin devils

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