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Monday, December 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Take It From The Man

My old car is dead so I’m shopping for a new car with zero down and just barely good credit, jumping further into economic oblivion, like fuck it. The world in geopolitical sense is no longer political, the capitalistic wolves run the entire thing, there is no counter argument, no opposing system – it’s just free-for-all-the-elites capitalism running rough shod over everything. And I sit here, in the very privileged position of shopping for a barely affordable car loan to get a used tiny car, because that’s all I can squeeze without safety net of wealth or generational support, pretending it’s not a bad move, because I have to drive my kids to public school so they can get more fucked up and harassed and crudened, and I have to drive to the job I don’t really like at all and doesn’t feed any of the real parts of me that want to be fed. The phrase “good money after bad” comes to mind, as we as a poison culture have thrown so much bad money into this bad system but at this point it’s all we know, all we’re comfortable with, because we are like fucking chickens in the pen, completely domesticated and unable to survive on our own. So we throw more good money after it. Shit man, I don’t even want money. Anyways, fuck America, fuck Trump, fuck all Presidents, piss on Bush’s dead body, here is a song.

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