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Thursday, December 20


Freddie Gibbs is an underrated often overlooked MC, probably because he’s from the Midwest, and not even notable Midwest like Chicago itself but rundown shithole suburb of Chicago in Gary, Indiana. Also his rap name is Freddie Gibbs, which is regular as fuck sounding, like he’d be a Memphis wrestler from 1989. But even shitty Freddie Gibbs tracks are better than most MCs. And also, the album cover to Freddie is without a doubt the best rap album cover of 2018, and probably the past number of years. It’s weird how end of year listicles are always performative and try to cover all the bases, and I doubt anybody will touch on Freddie Gibbs because they’ll have to include IMPORTANT or SEMINAL pop cultural moments. And yet, if you go back to these listicle ten years from now, most of that stuff is pure trash. What survives the test of time? Album covers like this one, that’s what the fuck survives.

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