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Monday, December 31

SONG OF THE DAY: Miles from Nowhere

An arbitrary flipping of the calendar boxes happens, where I’m like everybody else – somehow convincing myself this means a difference, that this year will be a new beginning of realizing my artistic ambitions and cultivating a more stable financial life, that last year was a bad anomaly in a long string of reflections of my own outlook, that the fact the calendar resets actually means something magic. Many days, I feel like I’m no closer to where I was dreaming of being than ever, like it’s this unattainable mountain peak, and though I’m not in the same valley I began, I’m just meandering sideways around other paths, avoiding obstacles, finding new ones, and I’m literally just as far as I ever was. And when I think about this naturally as mountain metaphor, of course the myth of Sisyphus comes up again, that I’m pushing these dreams up a hill when they’re just gonna tumble back down again, no matter how right I push them. Fuck it y’all – life life.

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