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Wednesday, December 5

The Adventures of Russell Jones heroic crown of sonnets

FYI, I have a Patreon, which is where people can support the creative work somebody else is doing on a monthly basis. With my patreon, you unlock various levels of rewards, which might be as simple as just seeing the posts, or go all the way up to getting postcards with poems in the mail. I also randomly give away a railroad haiku spike through the patreon each month, and began this month also doing a heroic crown of sonnets where one patron requests the subject matter.
The way the haiku spike drawings work is you get one chance per every dollar pledged, and while this is fair way to better reward those who support more, I wanted to do something that made it equal for all patrons, which is how the heroic crown project works. The person I drew randomly for this first heroic crown requested the theme be The Adventures of Russell Jones aka The Ol' Dirty Bastard, and I've already written two sonnets towards the crown's completion. I wanted to share the first one, as a way of sharing, but also as a way of pointing out I have a patreon. There is a completely ridiculous project which will hopefully launch next week as well, which I hope will become my most consuming nonsense gibberish in some time.

And even if you don't support me, support illegitimate artists. People making up their fucked up art in their fucked up ways are what keep this world beautiful in my opinion.

[pic stolen from internet]

A fatherless style born from American slums, 
a young visionary outlier, street-crier, 
Ol' Dirty Bastard was one of a kind, most rare 
American lies denier, following drums 
not fully understood by most - he was higher 
than most. Others orbited his natural shine, 
attempting to glean science from his glowing flow, 
growing rappening prose constantly from divine 
stream of conscious. Too many folks pretend to know 
alternative reality at most unique 
level... shit maybe the dirtgod's guilty of that 
as well. But young wild style Russell was born to seek, 
never follow, chasing dragons, living life fat 
as fuck and to the fullest, foolishly, with flair. 
Ol' Dirty Bastard was one of a kind, most rare. 

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