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Tuesday, December 25

SONG OF THE DAY: Kamal Keila


Hey man, Habibi Funk was a great collection that came out last year, and the label’s second release dropped earlier this year, from Sudanese gothic futurist Taban Ahwak. I could be a normal internet dork and try to drop info on this shit, but really all you should know is Sudan has had long history of conflict since the 1960s, when Taban Ahwak was active as fuck in real life, and Ahwak walked across the surface of this Earth with peace and unity and the motherfuckin’ Power of Lounge in his heart. All other information is unnecessary pseudo-academia, and we’ve been trained by the internet to do that, to strip mine false knowledge from electronic compendium and pretend it makes us more intelligent. Just sit the fuck back and let the Taban Ahwak funk flow. Stop overthinking shit.

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