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Monday, December 24

SPORTSBALL 69: Winter 2018

I’m resurrecting trash culture anthropology through the filter of the world’s football, with plans to do so according to solstice/equinox schedule, but I’m doing so through my patreon, because I’m attempting to move to analog zines again, or doing longer winded projects on my patreon. I’m making this first of 3 installments of this Winter 2018 Sportsball 69 free to all, because information wants to be free, but the second and third installments the coming two weeks will be patrons only, because electric bills want to be paid. It is your choice to support or not. I realize we live in a time where we’ve been trained to look at social media and click a like button instead of actually clicking a link, and I’m as guilty of that as anyone, but if you spend $20 a month on coffee, or alcohol, consider spending $1 a month on me. I’m better for you.

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