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Friday, December 21

SONG OF THE DAY: Across the Lines

It’s fucked up how all this old ass music that was resistance to Reagan era bullshit is so appropriate now. Globalism/Clinton/Bush regimes combined with fall of Soviet Union got us (Amerikkkans) all feeling like eternal growth was actually some sustainable bullshit, and we could just refinance away our worries forever. Now look at us… all the cards about to fall the fuck down, every bubble floating higher than ever sitting there with the solstice full moon shining through its thin ass veneer, about to burst. And of course all this music that’s like 30 fucking years old is suddenly more appropriate than it even was back when it was made. What the fuck is wrong with people? Why do we love to ignore the truth in consumption of useless shit? Oh yeah, that’s a neurological reaction to try and escape painful or difficult things. Capitalism and all its fucked upness is entirely based on neurological triggers, though it’s always been framed as psychological and rationalized as if you have a choice. The mass engineering of consciousness performed by both mainstream political parties in 2016, and continuously since then, utilizing digital algorithms and manipulation to cause people to make “choices” is the ultimate realization of that neurological yakubian trickery. That’s why the shit’s gonna fall apart. They been pushing too hard. But remember – milk crates, tarps, and machetes; milk crates, tarps, and machetes; milk crates, tarps, and machetes. And maybe some goats too.

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