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Sunday, February 10

SONG OF THE DAY: Make The Road By Walking

Ain’t been getting those walking steps in, not no daily robot phone app steps but feel it in my heart walk into the night for hours steps. Got a strong desire to walk a week long walk this year, when I get to embezzle the moments back from work as a so-called vacation. Contemplating a reverse western culture walk, from where I live now back down the James River which is where English roots first took hold permanently here on the American continents, just as a long ass dedication to walking and act of undoing what’s been done which isn’t all peaches and cream, and never was. All I’ve known is this continent, this land along the James actually, the entirety of my life spent living in the James River basin, so I’ve been transplanted, simple American kudzu man choking out native species without thinking. But if people got all that brain power we always claiming we got, we can figure out a way to undo what needs to be undone without undoing ourselves. Haha, I actually got a lot more thoughts on this but I don’t feel like sharing them with the internet, gonna go for a long ass walk and share them with the sky instead.

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Do. It.