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Monday, February 4

SONG OF THE DAY: All Ready To Go

Really feeling Iron Jaw on this one. I keep a shoe-free household as much as possible, so we got a shelf at the door to put them bamas there. Feeling shook today about my location and position in life, and see them scuffed and dented steel toe Timbs there, and contemplate the disappearance. But also, ain’t nobody in my house but myself (and my kids half the time), nobody to escape from, building sanctuary slowly but surely, so it ain’t like ol’ Iron Jaw’s situation necessarily. Always trying to remember to ask myself am I removing myself from a bad situation, or running from handling shit? People can’t handle the hard work of being alive, so plenty of folks just run from handling hard shit, doing the hard work to fix the fucked up shit that life has dealt them. And sometime (a lot of times) ain’t no fixing it, but you still gotta put in the work to make it tolerable or better. And then again, sometimes it’s fucked, so you slip on your boots, pack a bag, and be gone. I hope if your life is fucked though, you’re making some sick art to help heal you through the moments, so long as it heals and not heels. Never heel to no shitty ass person making your life miserable.

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