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Wednesday, February 27


So hey, I took some weed gummies while I was out west last fall, and I’ll be honest I don’t even like getting high like that any more. My mind races too much and I just turn into metaphysical fetal position thought swirls which don’t stop, not even bad just constant, like a washing machine stuck on super spin cycle and it’s just spinning and spinning and spinning and fuck man, I’m constantly busy where there’s no down time. I don’t want to spin harder. They even told me the one kind was great for anxiety but it’s not even anxiety just constant brain/mind crunch of the demands of self-expression (which I never have enough time to do all the shit I want to work on) and obligations (fuckin’ real life is an asshole) and then to have mind spinning super fast while body is in bumble bumble mode, it’s more like torture than joy. Give me the fog, the deep heavenly grandmother quilted fog that wraps around your whole body and shuts down all sensation of pain and frustration and feels like you were reborn in clouds, floating on the couch, watching South American futbol, hoping for a riot that inadvertently triggers global order collapse.

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Anonymous said...

Really been feeling the music posts lately, but today a bit scared to finish out the song after reading the post. My belly be spinning bad due to defect, but I'm waiting for my man to get home & pack me one up, cuz when I try myself, half gets left under my fingernails. I really feel the spin you speak & dang if I don't get I got to go outside anxiety when my washer spin cycle runs. Sometimes, I cut it off halfway through, though that screws the machine, it screws me less.
This may be an odd comment, but hopefully its more relatable than "nice picture."