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Friday, February 1


Older than I’ve ever been, and it keeps getting worse (if you work from the assumption old equals worse). I wrecked myself a lot, and didn’t change the oil regularly, have rarely slept the manufacturer’s suggestion for sleep, and stubbornly force myself to exist in ways that’s probably not the best, even after sobriety from drink. And yet, I’m in surprisingly decent enough shape, I guess. I started swinging the kettlebell around the living room last night, because I’ve been slack as fuck since the holidays. Bumpy Knuckles expresses all this in song though, and it got me to laughing about people being hyped to share workout music. What a strange beast man is, lacking physical activity in his civilized life, feeling slothful and not wanting it, so making a business of flinging weights around to keep fit in the ways a life of hard physicality in order to survive would have done automatically. And not only does man make a business and huge theater of this working out, he becomes compelled to create music mixes to sink earbuds into his own ears, detach further from physical life, and focus intensely on simulating a physical life. What a fucked up animal we are.

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