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Friday, February 15

SONG OF THE DAY: I Couldn't Get High

An abnormally warm Friday, week of my birth, dark familial matters like always, nation state geopolitics absolutely fucked, can’t get no respite not enough hours to do all the creating I wanna do and maintain responsible necessities, trying to sell art to a broke ass world, stretching $14 from here til 8 days from now (plus untapped change jar about two inches thick, mostly brown though – been strip mined of quarters once already), so yes very much yes the concept of getting high still calls me, still says in that sweet whisper, “Hey Raven, fuck it man, none of this shit matters, you’ll never get anywhere and you’re wasting all this effort trying to do all this shit that won’t ever happen for somebody with your background anyways. Fuck it. Take that oxycontin and go sit in the park, don’t do shit but listen to the birds, or go down by the river and let the rapids laugh at you, which your dumbass.” And man, that whisper makes a lot of sense, but my hands ain’t shaking, at least not today. But those poor choices always beckon, as the best choices possible a lot of times.

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