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Monday, February 18

SONG OF THE DAY: galahad in goosedown

[decided to take the ridiculous genius annotations to this song, then run them through google translate from english to persian, persian to welsh, welsh back to english, but I left the milo quotes intact; everything is ridiculous and robotic and full of shit but within this you can create nonsense gibberish in fact YOU MUST CREATE NONSENSE GIBBERISH to combat the cyborgian overwhelm of the human heart]

This line is related to his acceptance of the evil existentialism written in Paul Millo, he says: "Oh," to his life. As life is not really good and desirable, like sadness, Milli believes that his inherent suffering makes people paranoid or develops schizophrenia, where they change their reality.
It is also important to note that there is a disappointment, which can arise in many ways, but especially through the use of narcotics (as in the first line of the first verse), through dopaminergic paths. Scenophrenia is a prominent theory of the dopamine presumption that rejects defective or harmful dopamine responsible for schizophrenia. Therefore, although Millo claims claims for the state of the world and the existence of man, scientifically, there are also credible claims about the fact that resistance and schizophrenia are opposed - at least in the case of dopamine transfer.
The bridge refers to the song by Mylo Budlong Woods under the name Scallops Hotel, where he dies,
I thought, “Oh, well,” with regards to my entire life
Milo fans often tell him to inspire him to improve; Milo finds this very enthusiastic because he is known to talk about the meaningless life of his songs, as a Zen scientist, where he goes to Sisyphus: 
How he dazzled with bafflegabSisyphus surmounts the aggro crag
Silifos is an enthusiastic Greek figure condemned to rock boulders. When he reached the peak, the boulders reached the bottom of the hill, and Sisyphus had to repeat his deed. As a result, it is often seen as a tragic hero and a staggering embodiment of the creature. Silifos is more exposed to the deep philosophical vision of the Silifos legend. In this article, Camus believes that Sisyphus is the best example of a modern absurd man. That is, people lead the life that is basically meaningless. Milli recognizes this with her college's degree in philosophy, and uses the sphere to explain her feelings that her life is ashamed.
Slypism believes that one can only be sure of thinking. In his reflection, he developed by René Descartes and often leads to a monopoly situation. Milo is currently referring to inspiration from someone who cares for himself alone.

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