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Sunday, February 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Beautiful Life

Ain’t no real blurb to be blurbing upon this track. It’s Sunday, been a chill week which was week on with my kids, but after a lot of turmoil and chaos this little shitty basement apartment starting to feel sweet, starting to feel like home. I ain’t got no money about 17 hours after every pay day, but my bills is paid (except the medical ones, and I ain’t hitting on shit on these credit cards but the minimum payment, but I’m waiting on civilization to fall for those), and it’s gonna be a warm Sunday, and though the world is focused on gathering together for the American holiday of gazing at a screen and pretending commercials are anything more than fucking commercials, we gonna go outside in this blast of warmth after the polar vortex piledrived us inside for most of the week, and just walk around under the big blue sky letting the chemtrail mist invisibly fall down upon us but we don’t care becasue it’s a beautiful life, and alhamdulillah y’all. Be practicing my dhikr to a go-go beat, and I got leftover chicken and homemade mac-n-cheese for dinner, plus some greens to cook up. Pure honeysucklin' Sunday, regardless of larger poison culture events.

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