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Saturday, February 9

SONG OF THE DAY: Life is Hard

Everybody been trained to play oppression olympics by the internet, to look for reasons to become angered at others for not having the proper respect for the improper level of being fucked over... I don’t know, this whole culture we’re living in is somewhat bad for most everybody, and I actually feel sorry for all of us. But the threads are coming loose, and there are cracks in the concrete. Instead of beating on each other, I hope you’ll consider sticking both your middle fingers into the cracks in the facade, and wiggling them viciously, with spirit, and let’s tear this fucking thing down. Likely it’s gonna be hard for a lot of people once the illusion of security is gone, but for most of us that security has been nothing more than illusion anyways. In fact, many people live without that illusion, and it’s a hard metaphysically exhausting type of life to lead. People out here exhausted that don’t show it because they’ve been exhausted forever, so it’s normal. That’s this system.
So when you think how hard your shit is, remember... the individualism of the American mythology makes you feel you are uniquely oppressed. You are not. While that’s bad that everybody is suffering some insidious shit that none of us call to light, it’s also helpful to realize you have so many around you who could hopefully become support and co-conspirators in wiggling middle fingers in the cracks in the facade if we could get over individualizing ourselves to the system’s benefit.

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