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Saturday, February 2

SONG OF THE DAY: Love and Happiness

Al Green found god when an angry woman through hot grits on him in the shower. A lot of times I think about what other people’s hot grits in the shower moment might have been. The closest thing was the last night I drank, which was a wandering night the day before Halloween, where I went to see local independent MMA with a friend, we got drunk there, then met another dude and got drunk further. As the night went on, it felt weirdly dark and hellish, and once I got confronted the next day with being a drunkardly asshole, which had happened many times before, it was the first time it actually felt true enough that I wanted to switch it up.
Oddly, it wasn’t really a hot grits moment though, because the slow realization of all the shit I numbed myself to. And even that feels like saying more than I mean to. Al Green hit his stride though, maybe before maybe after or maybe right around the hot grits in the shower. I don’t know, to be honest I don’t listen to much Al Green gospel. But I love Al Green.

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