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Friday, February 2

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 intro

[nonsense gibberish oracle, 
turning one project into another, 
now this is sonnets too] 

Another year alive, wondering what it means
as them dreams get further buried in sands of time
while most my minutes spent paused mimicking machines,
moments lost forever hoping somehow I'll climb
out these numbers stacked against me, which prevents me
from moving quite as freely as my heart's wishing,
modern human condition - just trying to be
more real me, less human resource. Big boss phishing
for ways to keep me productive and occupied;
I remain resistant, within barbed wireless fence
wrapping circumference of brain, trained to divide
Earth into parcels, while heart intelligence
pumps "fuck that!" reminders, desires to disappear...
forty-five years and counting, but still stuck right here. 

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Anonymous said...

This is really good. Sad, but well-written.