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Tuesday, February 27

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number eleven "when the shit hits the fan"

[an '80s classic, when all this political chaos people think is brand new was happening before; an early classic of folk punk?] 

In other direction right quick with outside wit, 
trying to somehow thrive during these end-ish times, 
though “end” is self-centered Earth dominion bullshit, 
since Earth shall still exist once industrial crimes 
claim their “civilized” victim - people; anyways, 
the newly broke is suddenly woke as if Trump 
is aberration and not just symptom; this phase 
been happening since the ‘80s - Earth turned to dump, 
capital prophets entrusted with nations’ keys, 
unchecked as system, imbalanced psychology 
of eternal expansion of production… please, 
free market forever is death mythology 
boring into all lives; devil math’s greatest trick - 

keep middle fingers wiggling in ev’ry loose brick. 

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