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Monday, February 19

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number five "excellent"

[couldn't really find full version of Princess Nokia's "Excellent" song, which had me contemplating uploading it, but then I wondered if maybe she didn't cease & desist all the copies of it online because maybe she doesn't like it; why should I force it back into the internet if that's the case; also the only video that does show up is this one with her nieces, and knowing little girls with house full of daughters, I could imagine her nieces being like "what if we could be famous on youtube?" and then Nokia was like "okay, let's put this video of y'all up on youtube and I'll make it so that's the only version of the video that shows up" and then that's what happened and the views keep going up and those nieces are stoked; who am I to deny that either? so I'm just running with this video even though it doesn't fit my desires as a dumbass person with a website project about music every month, what the fuck do I matter?]

Because the gridlock's plots don't address my real needs, 
ambitions and accolades practiced from within, 
cheffin' in the kitchen, always cooking with weeds, 
calculate with intuition, guts without sin 
because that gut flora morality goes deep, 
goes ancient, goes excellent, goes ever-present; 
it's never pleasant to separate toxic seep 
into my conscience from poison culture; peasant 
beginnings within this pyramid scam, yet no 
doubt, still blessed with privilege at the same damn time; 
my future likely robotic, with pharma flow 
forced into bloodstream if I let them; dirtgod grime 
resists shineface power structures applied as much
as possible, attempting to feel real world's touch. 

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