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Monday, February 5

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number two "parkside 5-2"

[timely track, with psychic props to Philly]

Biggie’s voice echoing with “it was all a dream...” 
Deck laying out "Earth no different from a cell..." 
Method Man explicating capitalized "C.R.E.A.M."... 
"it's like a jungle sometimes" booms gruff Melle Mel, 
"makes me wonder how I keep from going under"; 
grounded by my early boom baptism, pounding 
forties and blunts, 'til my upright was asunder, 
from '73 'til infinity, sounding 
furiously; "Signifying Rapper" Schoolly schooled young 
mack to other mythologies, moralizing 
me beyond white western propaganda well-hung 
but easily made impotent since disguising 
old masters' plans; small town mind gone by world premiere... 
Raven Mack refraining from living life with fear. 

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