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Wednesday, February 14

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number four "damn weeds"

[I'll be honest, what ppl try to convince me Sturgill Simpson is, I already got Malcolm Holcombe for, and Malcolm's not a cop] 

Getting too easily lost in consciousness stream, 
struggling for space to breath easy but trapped in place 
that don't feel like home no more; fuck it, reframe dreams 
into singlewide, take pride in natural grimeface 
existence, never one to shine with perfection, 
I'm a lounge in progress (fuck work), stacking milk crates 
too high with piecemeal second-handed possession; 
once I got spot to spread raven wings without weights 
of what really ain't, my illegitimate art 
will grow like dandelion and kudzu vine, climb 
through the cracks in concrete, extending dirtgod heart 
into larger world more fully, like fool, full-time 
around-the-clock don't stop explosion of thought weeds, 
because the gridlock's plots don't address my real needs. 

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