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Tuesday, February 20

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number seven "payaso"

[y'all fuck with Tego? 
you should.] 

Returning to the mud, getting lost in the weeds; 
soy un payaso estupido por creer 
en la meritocracia; forced english feeds 
perpetuate clown thought - necesito leer 
mas Galeano, mas Vasconcelos, plantar 
pensamientos de raza cosmica en 
mi cabeza (y mi corazon), levantar 
filosofias de Sumak Kawsay; and then 
once payaso del diablo blanco conquest 
of false progress utopian thinking's been hacked 
with metaphysical machete, achieve blessed 
state of less stress, less mess, plus more natural fact
simplicity as universal good life touch, 
getting real freedom means letting go what you clutch. 

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