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Friday, February 23

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number eight "bozo texino (get live)"

[one of my own fuckin' songs, which feels stupid, 
but I synced up some bozo texino doc 
to the track and it's nice; 
been working on new shit musically, 
some of it I like 
some of it I don't... 
nature of the creator]

Getting real freedom means letting go what you clutch, 
don't give a fuck about much too superficial, 
with the metaphysical try to stay in touch, 
man is judgemental but universe judicial; 
and quick to straighten shit out; underneath crows' prose 
beside James River flows I compose cryptic marks 
upon industrial carcasses where freight slows 
to stop, where dirtgod heart makes ripples and sparks 
which spiral wherever - no plan, just man compelled 
beyond control to explode with creation; 
despite power grid imposed, big bang's still upheld 
by getting live, cultivating constellation 
of self-science and arts to guide self through this shit - 
the easiest way to get free is to just git. 

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