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Monday, February 19

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number six "winter in america"

[any time you see a Gil Scott-Heron 
dusty vinyl long-player jam 
with Brian Jackson, 
it's a guaranteed classic; 
this song so fuckin' great 
and so fuckin' still relevant, 
we seem stuck] 

As possible, attempting to feel real world's touch, 
on this continent named America despite 
pre-Columbian presence lacking western clutch 
desperate for wealth; the Earth can always make right 
what's gone wrong, don't let fear entirely commandeer 
all probable futures - truly exceptional 
checks and balances super natural, austere 
to dominion-minded brain, forcing sectional 
thinking where holistic existed; Land of Free 
press release and advance publicity lacking 
in substance to back the hype; back to simple me, 
attempting to live more (less) simply as can be 
in overpolished world with myriad of greeds, 
returning to the mud, getting lost in the weeds. 

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