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Wednesday, February 7

JJ Krupert Feb 2018 number three "s4m st0n3"

[DJ 1000 Featherz exclusive 45s on 33 jam! s4m st0n3 from the 7-inch collection in the white camper trailer, slowed down as far as wrong speed + 10% pitch modulation on USB turntable will allow; HOW LONG BEFORE I OPEN ONE OF THESE TABLES UP & MAKE THE THING SPIN SLOWER THRU INTERNAL SCIENTIFICS? (also, had to make my own video for this since it was a vinyl rip I did at abnormal but more appropriate speed... if you used to listen to Solaris Earth Pipeline perhaps you recognize this speed because it was used as "Trapped Inside Clouds")]

Raven Mack refraining from living life with fear, 
a voiding of addiction protocols, transplant 
poison ivy genetics into path more clear, 
not sure whether career or careen, and just can't 
seem to dream; there's a hole in daddy's life where all 
the money comes from, but gone before Monday's dawn; 
thankful the fog's lifted but struggle with this stall 
in direction lost when not reckless - broke ass spawn 
escaped hopeless perspective, but not enough stone 
in my life, too many abstractions just as bad 
as medicated blurs at making falseness known 
as truth; so I here I sit, stone cold sober dad 
struggling to do right while still holding onto dream, 
getting too easily lost in unconscious stream. 

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