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Monday, January 9

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day One: TAMAWASHI (1-0)

[my paying attention to sumo comes and goes, but I just rewatched all of last year's bashos over the holidays, so am amped for the Hatsu basho this month; usually my attention peters out before day 15, or life snuffs out my time to do these]

no yokozuna 
plus rather weak ozeki 
era of sumo 

opportunity for new 
faces to establish selves 

and yet, on day one 
of new year's basho, an old 
Mongolian macked 

Tamawashi's the eldest 
rikishi still competing 

somehow, better than 
ever... even winning Aki 
basho late last year 

only his second career 
yusho, as this advanced age 

teetering at edge 
of sanyaku (highest-ranked) 
status as old man 

38 years old... and yet 
somehow even more wily 

is young and full of fire, and 
comes out bullrushing 

slapping and thrusting to edge, 
and both men ballet spin out 

twisting goes to review, and 
deemed too close to call 

a redo is in order - 
second chance for the young bull 

again charges, pushing back 
old Tamawashi 

at dohyo's edge, enormous 
pirouette and body slam 

Tamawashi shifts 
the young bull's momentum back 
against his own self 

thus, old ass Tamawashi 
ends day one with perfect record 

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