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Friday, January 13

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Four: KOTOHOSHO (4-0)

[getting caught up still, just realized the NHK World app on Roku plays a recap with all the bouts]

Kotohōshō had 
never beat Tochinoshin
five previous bouts 

the big Georgian's brawn is hard 
to resist if he gets hold 

Tochinoshin's poor 
right knee, wrapped heavily, and 
always near snapping 

the former ozeki still 
has that barrel chested strength 

a common sight for 
Tochinoshin to grip foe's 
mawashi, then hoist 

in lunging lifts, pushing his 
sizable foe out the ring 

chest to chest, the young 
Kotohōshō gets his arms 
underneath, snugly 

Tochinoshin struggles for 
his favored mawashi grip 

Kotohōshō keeps 
advantage, it is he who 
instead hoists a fool 

Tochinoshin's left shoulder 
socket challenged to hold taut 

Tochinoshin pushed 
back, losing at his own game, 
left clutching shoulder 

Kotohōshō unbeaten
after four days, one of five 

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