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Saturday, January 21

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Ten: ABI (6-4)

[Takakeisho stumbling in the final third, 
tightening things up] 

Abi won the last 

basho, but has struggled so 
far New Year's basho 

I always associate 
him with Ryuden in mind 

they both debuted at 
top level the same New Year's 
basho, three years back 

both fighting to achieve their 
kachi-koshi, maintain place 

Abi begins with 
thrusting attack, seemingly 
poised for victory 

Ryuden fights it off at 
dohyo's edge, and flips the script 

rikishi mind would've flailed 
and been beaten then 

Abi, however, quickly 
stepped aside and slapped holmes down 

Ryuden tumbled 
to the outside, as Abi 
walked back to his side 

taking the pay envelope stack 
from gyoji, like a boss 

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