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Wednesday, January 18

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Seven: HOSHORYU (5-2)

[been watching but not posting my things, 
but I'm back on my shit temporarily] 

young Mongolian 
sekiwake Hōshōryū's 
rapid ascension 

kachi-koshi as fuck for 
a year's worth of these bashos 

11 wins last 
time, hoping to repeat that 
feat now (and next time) 

33 wins is magic 
number for ozeki rank 

facing last basho's 
winner - Abi, Hōshōryū 
shows strength of calmness 

once all four fists bump the ground, 
Abi comes out thrusting hard 

Hōshōryū's head bends 
at neck, but doesn't break, from 
absorbing energy 

Hōshōryū put on his heels, 
all the way to dohyo's edge 

once there, Hōshōryū 
flips the script, switching places 
with pushy Abi 

once with inside advantage, 
Hōshōryū shoves Abi out 

chipping away on 
his quest for eleven wins 
is young Hōshōryū 

nephew of Asashōryū
the former yokozuna 

currently, our lone 
yokozuna is injured, 
and sole ozeki 

but a new generation 
of stars seemed poised to arrive 

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