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Wednesday, January 18

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Eight: AZUMARYU (6-2)

[been enjoying the fuck out of the NHK World daily highlights] 

over long career, 
Azumaryū's made top tier 
nine different times 

all nine time, make-koshi 
losing records were achieved 

this is only the 
second time Azumaryū 
has remained top tier 

finishing 7 and 8 
last time, still makuuchi 

"inside the curtain" 
for the new year, and chasing 
a winning record 

Azumaryū has shown fight, 
but has not looked excellent 

against Aoiyama 
on day 8, he faced the shock 
leaderboard joiner 

the two do not exactly 
have a picture perfect bout 

it is bumbling and 
off-balance, and yet one man 
must always still win 

the big Bulgarian brute 
loses control moving forward 

Azumaryū does 
a casual slap down to 
achieve victory 

two wins away from first ever 
kachi-koshi performance 

sumo veteran 
at 35, but not as 
famous rikishi 

lower rank and file struggler, 
nearing best ever finish 

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