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Thursday, January 19

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Nine: HIRADOUMI (6-3)

[looking like Takakeisho's basho to lose] 

Kotoshōhō came 

into day 9 tied for lead 
with Takakeish

his rapid ascent challenged 
by younger Hiradoumi 

Hiradoumi's had 
only two bashos before 
as makuuchi 

last basho, he earned 10 wins, 
and highest ranking ever 

two behind leader, 
Hiradoumi's having an 
impressive basho 

both he and Kotoshōhō 
clutch mawashis for control 

Kotoshōhō backs 
Hiradoumi up, looking 
for lift and push out 

but Hiradoumi holds tight 
his grip of Kotoshōhō 

twisting him sideways,
Hiradoumi forces his 
opponent over 

Kotoshōhō's grip on the 
lead slips just as easily 

entering final 
third of basho, chasing a 
hungry ozeki 

but for now, let us applaud 
Hiradoumi's scrappy win 

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