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Friday, January 13

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Three: TAKAKEISHO (2-1)

[catching up on day three action] 

our lone ozeki 
left (with no yokozuna) 
is Takakeishō 

while others clamor to climb 
the banzuke scroll, he holds ground 

three years ozeki, 
but has suffered injuries 
(plus there was covid) 

he's had three bashos in a 
row with ten wins or better 

been very good, but 
not dominant... last yusho 
was three years ago 

now's the chance to prove himself 
potential yokozuna 

day three, and the big 
man already had one loss, 
but it's still early 

bloodied in early basho 
bout, and repeated today 

he and Daieishō 
slap and headbutt each other, 
fighting for control 

neither can gain controlling 
grip around the other though 

center ring, battling 
steady, until Daieishō 
starts pushing forward 

Takakeishō retreats to 
dohyo edge, at defeat's brink 

Daieishō thrusts, but 
Takakeishō deftly steps 
directly to right 

Daieishō crashes out, while 
Takaneishō remains, safe 

with bloody mouth, our 
lone ozeki receives fat 
stack of envelopes 

New Year's basho's main event 
star, chasing that next level 

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