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Saturday, January 14

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Six: MIDORIFUJI (4-2)

[second third of the basho is getting going now, when things heat up]

day six Hōshōryū 

seemingly dominates foe 

Hōshōryū is rising star 
Mongolian rikiishi 

only 23, 
and knocking at the door of 
ozeki status 

destined for greatness, he clamps 
Midorifuji's right arm 

pushing smaller man 
to edge, not quite enough 
for elimination 

Midorifuji pushes 
back, and they both re-center 

Hōshōryū mostly 
maintains left arm clamp, begins 
another thrusting 

Midorifuji resists 
Hōshōryū's other arm grasp 

getting underneath 
Hōshōryū's right arm, to 
counter his offense 

at dohyo's edge, Hōshōryū 
puts all his force into foe 

contorts himself, flipping his 
opponent's body 

both behemoths go crashing 
off raised platform heavily 

gyoji points to 
Midorifuji's side, but 
the judges confer 

(this means slow motion replay 
for us watching things at home) 

repetitive back 
and forth of two big bodies 
crashing to the ground 

sure enough, Hōshōryū touched ground 
first - Midorifuji wins 

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