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Tuesday, January 10

Hatsu Basho 2023 Honour Tanka Day Two: ONOSHO (2-0)

[day two is done and it's still an unsettled storm of characters] 

Onosho is one 
of many young rikishi 
aiming for the top 

top can be quite literal 
in terms of banzuke scroll 

dwindling in top half 
of maegashira for years, 
with great potential 

first two days of this basho, 
he has straight dominated 

bulldozer style - head 
first into opponent, with 
full force bodying 

Takanosho had no hope 
at achieving victory 

force made receiving object 
easily moved back 

undefeated after two 
days, Onosho swaggers off 

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