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Wednesday, August 13

MNZ: Juxtapoz July 2008

"Some people will say my work is the same as before because it is always about the girls. But they don't know how to look at it." That is a quote from Miss Van in an interview herein about her work, and I have always not dug that vapid anime/nightmare slut chick style of Miss Van's work, but beyond that, the above quote is exactly what I hate about supposed street art and Juxtapoz-style artists. When something moves into that realm where the doers feel you have to immerse yourself completely and deeply enough to properly understand what's going on, then fuck that noise. Good shit is good shit, and is easily recognizable. I mean, you have to have an open mind to new shit to see new good shit, but once you move to this “Haters don’t understand what I’m doing” mentality, you have become close-minded yourself, to where you only accept the opinions of those who think exactly like you do. It’s fucking retarded, whether you’re Fred Phelps or some Zen Buddhist Prius-driver in the Whole Foods parking lot with three Obama ‘08 stickers on your bumper. I think too often just because we know that people very different than us are fucking stupid, we forget that we are fucking stupid too.

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