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Thursday, August 14

MNZ: Trains July 2008

I didn’t really get anything new out of this issue of Trains, but it did cause me to do some google searching for scenic passenger trains, and I found out about Cass Scenic Railroad State Park in West Virginia, where for a relatively affordable price, you can rent a fucking caboose cabin that they pull up to the top of a mountain on a scenic ride, unhitch you and let you camp for the night, then pick you up the next day. And that’s a state park. I don’t care what y’all say or think about West Virginia - it’s one of the best states in America, and it’s proven it to me time and again. Sure it has ignorant mountain holler motherfuckers apt to mad dog glare at you when you drive through town. But once they get to know you (or someone will vouch for you), they’ll share pretty much any alcohol, hard drugs, or rags soaked in freon with you that they have. I’m gonna do that caboose trip thing for like three days sometime this fall, either with the family in responsible tempered mode, or by myself, getting fucked up as shit on top of some reclusive mountain top. At age 35, I can think of no better place to do quantities of hallucinogens in a ridiculously internally-focused mode than inside a powerless caboose on top of the middle of nowhere, West Virginia.

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