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Thursday, August 28

Homemade Song of the Week - "Lime Green Chevelle" by S.E.P.

All That Glitters Ain't Gold was the third S.E.P. release we did, and one of my favorites. "Lime Green Chevelle" is a song about me having a shitty ass car but wanting a pimp ass car. I am American so I am always wanting some stupid shit I don't have, while also never happy with the completely useful shit I already have. Shiny things with decorative trim, that's what I'm about.

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kami said...

always loved this song - i owned so many shitty cars when i was young - out of my first four cars the most i paid was $300 and that fucker got defected and sent to pasture. strange cos it was probably the safest of the four too... the others just sorta broke down and died little by little piece by piece so this song makes perfect sense to me