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Sunday, August 10

MNZ: Raw Vision Summer '08

I miss getting Raw Vision in the mail, because it's an enjoyable magazine, and this issue was great with Howard Finster and James Harold Jennings (both self-taught artists of a southern variety), and got me to looking up more shit and finding some dude who makes chainsaw critters outside of Raleigh and an old dude who does metal whirligigs on his farm headed towards the beach in Carolina. But shit man, art magazines are crazy with their self-importance. This was $14 for a single issue, and I guess it's printed on fancy paper with soy inks or whatever, but really, I could do without the gloss for like five bucks cheaper. Still, I'll probably resubscribe at some point soon since it's hard to find at the magazine store unless I'm really lucky. In fact, I think I found it at Barnes & Noble this time, which I've never seen it at before, nor since.

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