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Saturday, August 16

MNZ: Swindle No. 17

There was a halfway interesting doohickey on overly customized big rigs, plus a feature on Nollywood, which had been a running meme in my mind, but Shepard Fairey (the publisher of this joint, on it’s goofy soy ink recycled pages) is such a huge fucking dumbass that instead of feeling more informed about things I might like, I just end up hating them more, due to associating them with him. I heard some jive ass interview he did on the NPRs about that Obama propaganda-looking poster he did, and he was all talking like he thought they wouldn’t want his help being he was a guerrilla street artist. Like they gave a fuck. He was a gallery artist who wanted to donate his stupid shit to their campaign, and nothing more; but there he was chit-chatting up Terry Gross (everyone on NPR is Terry Gross to me, except Carl Cassell, because he sounds like a grumpy old drunk who hit some 1000 to 1 horse one day and became “rich”), acting like he was synonymous with violent felons. Fuck Shepard Fairey and fuck his Swindle magazine. It tricked me one last time with full-color pictuers of the tractor half of tractor and trailers, but I should’ve just set aside this nine dollars to buy some old Overdrives off from out the ebays.

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