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Tuesday, August 19

Homemade Song of the Week: "True Loungers"

This was off the first Prolo full-length CD, Return of the Loungers, which was basically some shit we threw together in 3 days in the camper behind my house. That means there were a couple of stream-of-consciousness talkings and freestyles that probably shouldn't see the light of day today, but are on a stupid self-done CD. Still, we had a few great ass tracks on it too, including this one. The internet and rap fans will hate this, but amongst self-circulating drug and alcohol abusing underclass types of southside Virginia, this song has been a popular one. And it explains the whole concept of being a lounger, kind of, but not really.
Shit man, it's a nice ass Charlie Daniels Band sample with some laid back ass country boy rhymes. It's very unrobotic and really fucking stupid of me to put inside the internets, but here I go - LINK FIXED.


Anonymous said...

Can you post a new link? This one's dead.

Raven Mack said...

yeah, I noticed yesterday the link was dead. I'll fix that bullshit tomorrow at the liebury