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Wednesday, August 6

Monthly O.C.D. Index Intro

So I, like all of you, am bedazzled by seven million myriad ways to waste my life. I used to have sharp focus, and I think I still kinda do, but I tend to get all obsessive over retarded things and focus so intently on that one thing that I abandon all the other stuff in my life, as well as the more important lasting creative endeavors I could be working on. But whatever man, I'd rather waste my life than not live my life. Or something.
Not really. I often wish I had better focus on certain things instead of this laser beam puppy dog mind that just shoots at specific things for quick blasts of indulgence. But I'm not alone. Shit, the internet is pretty much based on very in-depth analysis of the most minute aspects of life or pop culture or olden day nonsense or whatever. So what I'm going to do, monthly, hopefully around the first week, is start laying out my top five obsessive compulsive indulgences of recent note, for you to enjoy how reflicted my mind be, but also thinking of this blog as something my children can look at and be completely embarrassed about ten years from now, detailing my ups and downs with all the nonsense that swirled around them in their formative years. It will either bring a smile to their face at best, or help them get through their inner conflicts at worst. But it will be here. I will start tomorrow. I'm basically telling myself that, or I'd like to think that. There's a strange dichotomy to doing this blog where I like to think nobody at all ever looks at it, but I know that like a handful of people regularly look at it. So it's hard to pretend you're not there because I know you are, but most of the world has no clue.
Whatever. Too much thought. The weed be clouding my visions.

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