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Monday, January 7

RVA '94 homicides project at my patreon

I have a number of ongoing projects happening at my Patreon (YOU SHOULD SUPPORT ME!), but one I started with the New Year was revisiting the 1994 homicide list of Richmond, Virginia. I lived in Richmond at the time, and it was RVA’s worst year ever in terms of murder – one that helped us have the public image of a murderous place back then. I’m using google map’s and the internet to look back on these things, examining how Richmond’s changed, as well as how little information the internet actually has about news items from what seems like such a short time back in the grand scheme of things. It’s all a very subjective exploration of these themes, and likely there’s nothing groundbreaking about it, but its interesting stuff nonetheless. In writing the second one today, it accidentally triggered some pretty hard feels for some reason, likely because I’m too much of an empath (can you be too much of an empath?) but also, well, it just did. I made the post a public one instead of just for patrons, so please check it out. RVA ’94 Homicides second update

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